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Green Arrow Vol 2 Island of Scars (Rebirth)

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DC Comics 
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Комикс, DC Universe Rebirth 
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Мягкий переплёт, 17x25 см, 144 страниц, на английском

The Emerald Archer's acclaimed relauch continues here in GREEN ARROW VOL. 2: ISLAND OF SCARS!

Green Arrow was victorious in crippling the Ninth Circle, but taking down the global criminal financial empire left Oliver and his allies bruised, broken, and scattered to the wind.  

In Japan, Emiko Queen takes up her bow in defiance of her mother, the Yakuza assassin Shado, and goes into a supernatural underworld to win back her family’s honor and freedom. On a mysterious island with ties to the Ninth Circle and Oliver’s own past, Green Arrow and Black Canary must negotiate deadly terrain, robotic bears, and a native people with a secret they’d kill to protect. How can it get worse? The only way home is for DC’s most dangerous power couple to survive the explosive maiden voyage of the Empire Express!

In the next installment of one of DC Rebirth’s most critically acclaimed hits, Oliver Queen’s latest adventure begins in GREEN ARROW VOL. 2: ISLAND OF SCARS written by acclaimed novelist BENJAMIN PERCY (The Dead Lands, TEEN TITANS) and gorgeously illustrated by STEPHEN BYRNE (JUSTICE LEAGUE OF AMERICA: THE RAY), JUAN FERREYRA (NEW SUICIDE SQUAD) and OTTO SCHMIDT (Korvac Saga). Collects GREEN ARROW #6-11.

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